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    Glass Furniture Guide

    Glass Furniture Guide
    October 18, 2015 Klarity
    glass furniture guide

    A key theme at Klarity is that we feel that modern glass furniture must look great and be usable, unless of course you are looking for a purely sculptural piece.

    Our Approach to Glass Furniture

    We fuse innovative thinking with up-to-date manufacturing techniques to develop forward thinking products for your home or office. Comprehending your requirements is very important to us – and ultimately you; we are here from initial advice through to an expert delivery service.

    Glass Furniture Buying Guide – Tables

    Some upfront thought about your purchase will pay dividends later. Our guidance about glass furniture will help to point you in the right direction from application through to size, colour. Ultimately it is your decision but a few useful tips may well simplify things.

    Extending Glass Dining Tables

    Extending tables are increasingly considered as a sensible choice, with more and more of us living in smaller spaces. A typical scenario is that you lack space or don’t want your dining table to dominate the room, whilst sometimes wanting to have friends over. You’re a couple who like to throw occasional dinner parties or perhaps you live alone and don’t need a huge dining table everyday.  A request repeated time after time to us is that the customer needs say 4 places most of the time, but then need to fit a few guests in at special occasions such as Christmas.

    Clear or “Extra Clear” Glass Furniture?

    Regular glass – as you may have seen but not realised – usually has a slight green tint to its edge. Looking through it like you might a window it seems clear. Glass furniture often has edges visible so the effect can be quite noticable. Some people love this and feel it is an attractive feature. Others like the idea of a clearer edge. Much of our glass furniture is available with “Extra Clear” glass. Be sure to mention this to us or select the option when buying online.

    Coloured Glass Furniture

    A growing number of our pieces are available with a colour finish to the rear of the glass. The range of colours available covers warm tones, pastels and vibrant colours, not to mention black and white. We can also provide white with regular glass which gives a minty green colour. Some of our products may have clear glass in one part and coloured glass in another. For example, a glass coffee table with a clear top and coloured legs. Frosting can also come into the mix giving a huge range of colour permutations.

    Glass Dining Table Seating Places

    Of key importance to many glass dining table buyers is – quite rightly – how many seats can fit around the table. We usually think of this from an everyday comfort and practicality point of view and then secondly, how many other seats can occasionally be “squeezed” around. This is in a similar way that an extending table is considered. The leg plan of the table can be an important factor. So those cool inset trestle style legs you’ve hankered after might in reality limit how many guests you can seat, ruling out that route. As a general guide you would usually want to allow 60cm wide as a minimum for each person (depending on how well you know each other!). So, with this in mind you can often fit 3 people on each side of a 180cm table. You might want to be more generous and have 200cm and upwards for 3 people on each side. Don’t forget that a larger table will have a greater presence in your room; remember to allow space for people to comfortably pull out their chair to leave or join the table.

    Lastly, don’t forget that we are always on hand to help. Call 0800 619 0599 or email us on

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